Comfort Food: Vegetable Chili

If you have ever been to Chicago in February, then you have probably experienced a cold like none other.  I convinced a friend to come visit me one year in February.  She now refuses to come back… yes, it is THAT cold.  This week we have not had a high over 10 degrees.  And that’s without windchill.  Factor in windchill and now we’re talking -10…-15…-20.  This is the kind of cold that cuts through ALL of your layers.. no matter how many you have on.

As I walk to my car at 5:45 in the morning to get to school on time, all I can think about is the warm summer months coming up.  That of course gets me thinking about the beach… which in turn leads to the horrifying thought of my white, wintertime, post-holiday body sporting one of my bathing suits.So here is my solution:  Vegetable Chili.

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