Farm Fresh Food

In the fall I decided to join a CSA in the Nashville area.  For those of you who don’t know what a CSA is, here is a pretty basic explanation.  First, CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture.  When you buy into a CSA you are actually buying one share or one portion of the farmer’s crop.  I had researched different farms in the area and finally found my local CSA Farmer: Bountiful Blessings Farm (check out their website if you are in the Nashville area and are interested!). I ultimately decided on them for a few reasons.  First, their pick up times and locations were extremely convenient for me and my busy schedule.  Second, they are completely organic and pesticide free.  Thirdly, I read their story and was really excited to be a part of their project!

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Banana Bread

This is the last week before my crazy life as a grad student starts up again.  So I’ve been going on a baking and cooking frenzy.  I made this banana bread earlier this week.  So glad I did.  I’ve been enjoying a slice at breakfast… or as a mid afternoon snack… or both!

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White Chocolate Raspberry Swirl Bread

White chocolate and raspberries are amazing when used together in cooking.  This recipe is a test run…  It’s the first time I’ve made it and I’m definitely learning as I go!  And it actually came out pretty good!  To get started, I used a recipe for cinnamon swirl I found on Cooks Illustrated website.  From there… I changed LOTS around to achieve the decadent white chocolate and raspberry swirl.

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Homemade Applesauce

I love making home made apple crisp…. and whenever I make an apple pie or an apple crisp, I never throw out my peels and cores.  Instead, they go straight into one of my small pots, through a food mill, and return to the kitchen as applesauce.  This is an easy thing to buy at the store, but the nice thing about making my own is that I know EXACTLY what goes inside it: apples.  And that’s it.

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Key Lime Pie

As promised (and midweek too — can you believe it?) here is my lime inspired recipe!  If you only knew the week that I have had so far… late nights planning, kids gone wild, and our second grade open house.   Oh my goodness it is only Wednesday.  It’s a good thing I’ll have the product of my cooking for snacking tomorrow!  (Did I mention spring break is only 9 days away?)

I absolutely love lime.  Limeade, lime popsicles, a wedge of lime in my club soda.  But this… yes this… is my favorite way to take lime: key lime pie.  This key lime pie is not your typical version… It has two layers: a baked layer and a chilled layer.  The homemade granola and graham cracker crust is to die for.

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