Chocolate Chip Cookies

Chocolate chip cookies are definitely a popular cookie… and for good reason.  It’s in the combination of a sugary cookie and melted chocolate chunks. Not to mention their tastiness increases exponentially when dunked in a cup of cold milk!  There really is nothing like a soft, warm chocolate chip cookie straight from the oven.

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Key Lime Pie

As promised (and midweek too — can you believe it?) here is my lime inspired recipe!  If you only knew the week that I have had so far… late nights planning, kids gone wild, and our second grade open house.   Oh my goodness it is only Wednesday.  It’s a good thing I’ll have the product of my cooking for snacking tomorrow!  (Did I mention spring break is only 9 days away?)

I absolutely love lime.  Limeade, lime popsicles, a wedge of lime in my club soda.  But this… yes this… is my favorite way to take lime: key lime pie.  This key lime pie is not your typical version… It has two layers: a baked layer and a chilled layer.  The homemade granola and graham cracker crust is to die for.

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