Vanilla Almond Granola

My perfect morning is simple.  I wake up early on my own (no blaring alarms thank you.), cuddle with kitty cat while I’m still waking up, and then settle in on the couch to watch some morning news shows.  When I’m officially awake I start thinking about breakfast.  While you can probably imagine that my weekends would definitely look like this, my week days are a little more rushed.  But just because I am busy in the morning, it does not mean I will skip out on a delicious breakfast!


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A Tennessee Snow Day

Living here continues to amaze me.  I was working at a little elementary school outside of Nashville yesterday.  While listening to a great little 2nd grade reader, the announcements came on to inform the children that all after school activities would be cancelled due to inclement weather.  I quickly looked outside expecting to see blinding snow and high winds.

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White Chocolate Raspberry Swirl Bread

White chocolate and raspberries are amazing when used together in cooking.  This recipe is a test run…  It’s the first time I’ve made it and I’m definitely learning as I go!  And it actually came out pretty good!  To get started, I used a recipe for cinnamon swirl I found on Cooks Illustrated website.  From there… I changed LOTS around to achieve the decadent white chocolate and raspberry swirl.

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