A Tennessee Snow Day

Living here continues to amaze me.  I was working at a little elementary school outside of Nashville yesterday.  While listening to a great little 2nd grade reader, the announcements came on to inform the children that all after school activities would be cancelled due to inclement weather.  I quickly looked outside expecting to see blinding snow and high winds.

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Banana Bread

This is the last week before my crazy life as a grad student starts up again.  So I’ve been going on a baking and cooking frenzy.  I made this banana bread earlier this week.  So glad I did.  I’ve been enjoying a slice at breakfast… or as a mid afternoon snack… or both!

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Rosemary Focaccia Bread

There is an Italian restaurant at home that my family always went to growing up.  Their Caesar salad is divine and they have an unbelievable pasta dish: porcini mushroom tortellini with a mushroom cream sauce.  In addition to their amazing main dishes, this restaurant also serves homemade focaccia bread at the beginning of every meal.  It is dense, salty, and perfectly seasoned.

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Zopf Bread

The first time I made this recipe I was in college when my friends and I made Easter dinner together.   It is a braided swiss white bread.  I loved how soft and dense the bread is and also how beautiful it looks with the braid!  Not to mention, your entire house smells heavenly from baking it!!

I was lucky enough to get this recipe from my wonderful friend Laura… and I think about her every time I make it — Thanks La!!   Her family absolutely loves bread… and cheese (I think that’s part of the reason we get along so well!).  To me, they are the experts on both. I can’t remember a time going to their home in Wisconsin and not eating fresh baked bread from their oven.

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