(really) Old Glory

One of the visions I had for my new apartment had to do with an American Flag.  I don’t know where this idea came from… or why.  But once the idea entered into my mind, I just had to have it.  I had a particular size and look that I was searching for.  I wanted an “antiqued” looking flag.  You know, turning yellow, maybe a little bit frayed, faded… DEFINITELY faded.  This piece was going to be what an entire room’s decorations were based on.

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From the Craft Box

As a little girl I always loved arts and crafts.  And even as a twenty-something girl… I still love them just as much!  Heck, maybe I like them even more now.  And tonight I was in the mood.  So, I got out my craft box in a hurry… yes I have a craft box.  I pulled out my glue bottle, card stock, and little purple scissors, poured myself a glass of wine, and let the creative part of my brain take over. While watching Dateline of course.  So satisfying.

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