Farm Fresh Food

In the fall I decided to join a CSA in the Nashville area.  For those of you who don’t know what a CSA is, here is a pretty basic explanation.  First, CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture.  When you buy into a CSA you are actually buying one share or one portion of the farmer’s crop.  I had researched different farms in the area and finally found my local CSA Farmer: Bountiful Blessings Farm (check out their website if you are in the Nashville area and are interested!). I ultimately decided on them for a few reasons.  First, their pick up times and locations were extremely convenient for me and my busy schedule.  Second, they are completely organic and pesticide free.  Thirdly, I read their story and was really excited to be a part of their project!

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A Tennessee Snow Day

Living here continues to amaze me.  I was working at a little elementary school outside of Nashville yesterday.  While listening to a great little 2nd grade reader, the announcements came on to inform the children that all after school activities would be cancelled due to inclement weather.  I quickly looked outside expecting to see blinding snow and high winds.

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A New Chapter

A new city.  A new place.  A new chapter in life.  After spending many years in the Windy City, I have packed my bags, loaded a U-Haul trailer, and headed south across the Mason-Dixon line!  And after traveling about 1100 miles … I finally arrived.  My new city?  Nashville, TN!  Who says a Plain Girl can’t be up for a new adventure?  And let me tell you, nothing beats the beautiful hills of Tennessee, Southern Charm, and the sweet southern twang.  I certainly wouldn’t mind picking up on that a little bit while I’m here.  Add in the country music and I’m in ::heaven::. I couldn’t be happier with the choice to come here!

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Spring Fever

This is bad. Very bad.  I have only just barely made it half way through February… and I have a full blown case of Spring Fever.  I’m not the only one feeling it either.  All 21 of my second grade students have instantly begun to show symptoms of the fever… which makes for a very interesting day at school.  Hooray for Mondays!

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Hello world!

Hello world!  What you are about to read is the life and times of just a plain girl.  I love the simple things in life… laughing with friends and family, meeting new people and hearing their stories, and exploring this beautiful word that God created… all while leaving my mark on it!  I feel like I need to say the purpose of this blog in my first entry… and to be totally honest, I’m not sure what it is yet.  It could be to chronicle my travels and experiences, it could be to share my thoughts, or it could be something else completely!

Whatever the case, know that all that you find on this page is absolutely true and just plain me.  Thanks for reading!