About a Plain Girl

Plain (plān) adjective.

  1. clearly understood; evident; obvious
  2. outspoken; frank; straightforward
  3. pure; unmixed
  4. not of high rank or position; such as characterizes the common people; ordinary
  5. not complicated; simple


About Me

This is me.  I’m your average 25 year old girl.  I grew up in a suburb of Boston and after graduating from High School, picked up and moved to Chicago to “spread my wings”.  I guess you could say that once I knew I could “fly”, I packed my bags again and made my way to Nashville: my new home… for now.  I am an elementary school teacher by day.   I love learning as much as I love teaching.  My job is amazing because I can be creative in what I do and then inspired by the unbelievable creativity the 7 year olds have in my classroom.

About This Blog

I started this as a hobby and a way to share ideas with others. This blog is a chance for me to share the life I have been blessed with.  A wonderful life.  It is a collection of my experiences and thoughts… A compilation of delicious home cooked meals and simple projects… And of course ideas for the classroom (soon to come!).

I have always been that girl in the apron (I own too many to count).  My family really loves food.  I think this is why we seem to take cooking so seriously.  Some of my best memories growing up were in our family’s kitchen.  Everything I know about the cooking is either learned from my amazing mother or self taught.  I am so excited to be able to share what I learn with others too!  The recipes you will find are either family recipes, decadent dishes shared by friends, or adaptations from some of my favorite creations in cookbooks.






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