Farm Fresh Food

In the fall I decided to join a CSA in the Nashville area.  For those of you who don’t know what a CSA is, here is a pretty basic explanation.  First, CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture.  When you buy into a CSA you are actually buying one share or one portion of the farmer’s crop.  I had researched different farms in the area and finally found my local CSA Farmer: Bountiful Blessings Farm (check out their website if you are in the Nashville area and are interested!). I ultimately decided on them for a few reasons.  First, their pick up times and locations were extremely convenient for me and my busy schedule.  Second, they are completely organic and pesticide free.  Thirdly, I read their story and was really excited to be a part of their project!

I was initially a little bit nervous about signing up to get vegetables from the farmer.  I had never done this before myself… actually I had never done this before period.  We are a “go-to-the-grocery-store” type family.  So naturally I started to worry.  Actually I began to agonize over whether or not this was the right decision for me.  For those who know me, worrying is something I am really good at.  These are some of the questions that had been going through my head… What if I don’t know what the food is I’m getting?  What if I don’t know how to cook it? Will I be able to afford it?  Will I get too much food? Not enough? What if I can’t make the time to pick up my veggies?

For those readers who are worriers like me, I can now officially provide you with the answers to all of my initial questions!  To be honest, I got a HUGE variety of vegetables in my box.  During the winter months I had various green vegetables, carrots, potatoes, onions, herbs, berries and other goodies.  I didn’t always know what I had, but any questioned were answered when I picked up my crop!  My farmer was always ready to give cooking hints too.  Being a part of the CSA also forced me to broaden my culinary experiences.  I have tasted and cooked vegetables that I have never bought or eaten before.  Since my deliveries were every other week, I had just the perfect amount of produce to last me until the next pick up.  I also found it to be economical for me too!  All I needed to buy at the store was any meat I needed for cooking.  I found great comfort in knowing the good quality of food that I was putting into my body.


And just so everyone knows… good, fresh produce definitely tastes better.  I promise.

So my boyfriend and I have signed up for the summer CSA through Bountiful Blessings Farm.  So far we have been getting pints of fresh strawberries at each pick up.  I really can’t even begin to describe how unbelievably delicious these little berries are!  It makes it hard to go back to my super market berries…  We have also gotten beautiful heads of lettuce, fresh kale, carrots, green onions, radishes, beets, spinach, etc.

Recently Bountiful Blessings Farm has also added the chance to buy eggs at your delivery time.  The chickens are free range, hormone/icky stuff free.  Basically, they are healthy, happy birds… living the way God intended them to!  Of course I jumped on this and picked up a dozen.  They were both beautiful (note the blue and speckled eggs) and delicious.  The yokes were so rich in both flavor and color.

So I’ll say it again… good, fresh produce definitely tastes better.


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