A Tennessee Snow Day

Living here continues to amaze me.  I was working at a little elementary school outside of Nashville yesterday.  While listening to a great little 2nd grade reader, the announcements came on to inform the children that all after school activities would be cancelled due to inclement weather.  I quickly looked outside expecting to see blinding snow and high winds.

It was cloudy.  Every once and a while a little wind… some drizzle too.  I chuckled to myself as I immediately began to think of what it takes for things to start to shut down in Boston and Chicago.  Definitely more than drizzle and wind.  The drizzle soon turned to “light snow”, leaving a beautiful dusting on the ground as night fell.  I prepared for another day at school… which meant setting my alarm to wake up much too early… and went to sleep.

The next I knew, I was woken up by my cell phone buzzing from an incoming text message.  School was cancelled!  Once it was finally light out, I went out to survey the damage:

Really?  I mean, I won’t turn down a snow day when it is offered to me… but for less than an inch?

Now that school’s been cancelled for the day, I have been busying myself for the morning.  I (still in my pajama pants) took out a bowl of dough that I had made earlier this week and had neglected since and set out to make many (seriously… I made 63…) home made, hand rolled, cinnamon rolls.

I had been wanting to try out a recipe that the Pioneer Woman has on her website (and in her cookbook).  I made a few alterations because I was lacking certain ingredients and really couldn’t see myself changing out of pajamas and leaving the house.

The rolls smelled heavenly once they started baking in the oven.  Unfortunately (or fortunately depending on how you look at it!) this amazing aroma only makes me want to stay inside.. in pajamas… even more.

This icing is to die for.  I did make some alterations to this part of the recipe… instead of milk, I used cream.  We were out of milk.  I also omitted the coffee.  And I used maple syrup instead of maple “flavoring”… I had to improvise a bit!

In the end… even though they aren’t the recipe EXACTLY…  They came out unbelievable.  The one problem?  I’m the only one home to eat them.


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