Homemade Applesauce

I love making home made apple crisp…. and whenever I make an apple pie or an apple crisp, I never throw out my peels and cores.  Instead, they go straight into one of my small pots, through a food mill, and return to the kitchen as applesauce.  This is an easy thing to buy at the store, but the nice thing about making my own is that I know EXACTLY what goes inside it: apples.  And that’s it.

So the first step is to reserve all of your apple peels and cores in a pot.  I actually like to put pears in my apple crisps… so often my apple sauce has some pear in it too!  If you’re inspired, try your own variations… maybe strawberry or raspberry?  Once everything is in the pot, cover the bottom of the pot with a little bit of water, put the cover on, and then cook over a low heat until softened.  The time varies depending on how much you are making… but you could plan on around 45 minutes or so.  I usually have this going on while the crisp is in the oven.

A key tool in making applesauce is a food mill.  I really think that every kitchen should have one of these.  They keep back any skins and seeds while yielding a wonderful sauce or puree (babyfood?).  And, not only are they practical, but they are so much fun!  As a little girl I LOVED getting to grind the apple peels into applesauce.

Allow your apples to cool a little bit (we don’t want any burns!).  Then start spooning them into the bowl of the food mill.  Grind away!  What you will be left with is delicious, all natural, applesauce!  Depending on the color of your peels, your applesauce may appear more pink or brown.

You have permission to throw the peels away once they are completely pressed free of any apple… waste not one drop!  I will usually add some cinnamon and sugar to taste. This is totally optional, but who doesn’t love a little sugar and spice?


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