(really) Old Glory

One of the visions I had for my new apartment had to do with an American Flag.  I don’t know where this idea came from… or why.  But once the idea entered into my mind, I just had to have it.  I had a particular size and look that I was searching for.  I wanted an “antiqued” looking flag.  You know, turning yellow, maybe a little bit frayed, faded… DEFINITELY faded.  This piece was going to be what an entire room’s decorations were based on.

So I searched and searched until one day at The Hexagon House (oh how I love thee!) I came across a basket of old flags.  Carefully I looked through them until my hands picked up exactly what I had been searching for.  Angels definitely sang.  I definitely smiled.  It was glorious. My newly found Old Glory was about 32″ long and perfectly faded and stained.  Go ahead and scoff at the fact that I paid money for something old and stained .. see if I care!

As I carefully examined my newest treasure, I noticed that it also only had 48 stars (remember, 50 stars for 50 states)… so obviously I had to do a little research. Sorry, it’s the teacher inside of me.  Well class, here is the history lesson for the day:

The Origin of the 48 Star Flag  

The 48 star flag first appeared in our country on July 4, 1912 when Arizona and New Mexico were formally added as official states in the US.   It was designed with six rows of eight stars, it saw two World Wars, and was the official flag or our country for 47 years!  Then Alaska came along and got added to the country thus adding the 49th star in 1959.  


Now, for all the mathematicians out there (I am not one of you)… How old could my flag be?  Well, with the help of my calculator, it’s at LEAST 52 years old… but it could be up to 100 years old!  See, I just love finding treasures like this.

Now that I had my flag I had to find a frame, which actually proved to be harder than I thought.  I searched high and low but nothing was the right size or shape.  I looked in frame shops, antique shops, consignment shops… nothing.  I was giving up hope until finally… on a beautiful sunny Sunday afternoon… as we drove through the rolling hills of the countryside South of Nashville… my mother and I stumbled across a wonderful shop in Nolensville, TN called The Three French Hens.  This is a beautiful shop owned by some equally lovely ladies.  If you’re in the area… it’s a definite must!

But anyways, we were walking around oohing and ahhing at restored cabinets, old bowl sets, and beautiful mirrors when… we saw it.  Yes, it.  There hanging in the back of the store was an amazingly distressed and weathered pine frame that had at one time been painted white… and it was the PERFECT size.  When I held the flag up to this frame it made me feel like Cinderella when the prince put on the other glass slipper — it was a perfect fit and I was in LOVE!  Of course we scooped it up, brought it home, and set up exactly what I had been dreaming about over the past few months.  It’s perfect!


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