From the Craft Box

As a little girl I always loved arts and crafts.  And even as a twenty-something girl… I still love them just as much!  Heck, maybe I like them even more now.  And tonight I was in the mood.  So, I got out my craft box in a hurry… yes I have a craft box.  I pulled out my glue bottle, card stock, and little purple scissors, poured myself a glass of wine, and let the creative part of my brain take over. While watching Dateline of course.  So satisfying.

Tonights crafty project: address change announcements.  I love the idea of keeping people updated on where I am.  I mean, I move more than anyone else I know, which means I am constantly having to get my mail forwarded.  The result of this is quite a bit of lost mail and confusion on where to send things.  These little note cards are such a fun way to prevent the birthday card my aunt pain-stakingly sent me via snail mail from getting lost.  How tragic would that be?

So my great solution to this annoying problem: address change cards.  And hey, the recipient of the cards gets the added bonus of getting something cute (and something that’s not a bill) in the mail! So it’s definitely a win- win solution, right?

So after a few commercial breaks on Dateline and half-way though my glass of wine I had a successful first batch of cards!  (sorry folks — blurred out my address and email!)


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