A New Chapter

A new city.  A new place.  A new chapter in life.  After spending many years in the Windy City, I have packed my bags, loaded a U-Haul trailer, and headed south across the Mason-Dixon line!  And after traveling about 1100 miles … I finally arrived.  My new city?  Nashville, TN!  Who says a Plain Girl can’t be up for a new adventure?  And let me tell you, nothing beats the beautiful hills of Tennessee, Southern Charm, and the sweet southern twang.  I certainly wouldn’t mind picking up on that a little bit while I’m here.  Add in the country music and I’m in ::heaven::. I couldn’t be happier with the choice to come here!

So now for the fun part.  Here is the simple equation that has become the purpose of my existence over the past week (actually the whole summer, if you include preparation):

New City + New Place =  New Things to Fill it Up!

After years of living with some lovely ladies from college, I finally have a place of my own. Now while I absolutely LOVE my past roommates and miss them terribly… There is nothing like finally having the freedom to set up not only just your bedroom, but the WHOLE apartment to the way you like it.  I love it.

So of course all summer I was hitting the local antique shops I love and cherish.  The Hexagon House in Pembroke, MA was blessed with my appearance at least once a week.  (You might think that is a little over-the-top… I would rather think that I was just being thorough in my searches).  I love walking into an antique shop and sorting through all of the treasures in each room.  I only wish that I could know the story that comes with each one of these items.  How many homes had they been kept in?  Whose hands had used them?

This summer it seemed my obsession became baskets.  Apple baskets, pie baskets, round baskets, rectangular baskets…  I was in love.  I was continuously finding ones that I loved, packing them up in my car, and bringing them home to the collection of items to travel to Tennessee with me (just to give you an idea… my family at one point actually told me to stop buying them).

But back to my apartment.  I’ve pretty much unpacked and put things where they should go… Desk, couch, bedroom check. I’d like to give a special shout out to Craigslist for being an indispensable part of completing my quest to furnish my apartment.  One of the most exciting discoveries I made while here — Salvage Warehouses!  Thanks to this discovery, I also created a few projects for myself.  I can’t wait to share these really unique ideas as they come along!

Meanwhile, I just had to share these beautiful hydrangeas.  Aren’t they stunning?


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