Spring Fever

This is bad. Very bad.  I have only just barely made it half way through February… and I have a full blown case of Spring Fever.  I’m not the only one feeling it either.  All 21 of my second grade students have instantly begun to show symptoms of the fever… which makes for a very interesting day at school.  Hooray for Mondays!

I would personally like to thank a sudden temperature spike to 45 degrees this past weekend, causing me to suddenly feel like its a good idea to wear a t-shirt, rolled up pants, and drive with the windows down… all while singing Ryan Bingham’s Country Roads at the top of my lungs.  Seriously… at only 45 degrees?  Also, a thank you is in order to all clothing stores who have already sent me their catalogues with shorts, tank tops, and sandals plastered on every single page.  Really… what are you trying to do to us!?  Don’t you know that we cannot wear these things for at least 3 more months???

The reality is, that it in a matter of days.. even hours… I could be right back to the freezing Chicago winter… wearing 4 black black sweaters… REI cold weather hiking socks… flannel lined pants… lined boots… 3 jackets at once…. and still absolutely freezing cold. And NOW…. stuck with Spring Fever too.

What’s my spring break countdown??  (yes, I am 25 years old and still have spring break…. aren’t you jealous?)


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